Pendant is the name of the light covering.  Valance is the name for the small curtain dressing the top of the window.

Part of the series of subjects close to home, and again its playing with the question – what lies below – and the context. This is from my kitchen and below is where I drink my morning coffee and often take my dinner.  From the window which holds the reflection in this painting, is the view from which The Farmhouse from My Yard painting is taken.  In the evenings, the warm glow from the Edison bulb in the otherwise dark kitchen, above a small table for two, gives that space a solitary, welcoming vibe – a corner of an underground jazz bar that is mine.

These are small thing that have a part in many memories.  And memories are all made of small things.  This series has made me notice things that become unnoticed or routine or part of the background.  Like a scuff on the wall, scar on your leg, and just like a scent or a photograph – all the small things hold a story.