This photo was taken in October at Sacre Coeur, Paris, France.  I applied what I will call a point rotation and fanned the photo 90 degrees.  Somewhat like cubism, the landscape became a portrait.  Then I applied a few editing applications to work from.  In the first, hand sketched painting, I used a muted palette.  With the orange and blue hues, the impressionists influence is obvious.  In the second, one to one painting, I took advantage of acrylic’s brilliance, and did not dull the complimentary colors much.  The red of the sign on the church is near the pivot point and between the mass of sky and the shadowy mass below.  In the dark foreground, the cobble stones relate all these colors – darkened hues of orange, blue, grey, and rusty red.  This is not the first time Ive experimented with a dark mass at the bottom, though different and to different impact.  (one to one, photo/design, hand sketch)