The photo was taken from Hotel Aida Opera, Paris, France.

The view from my room was sometimes spectacular with shapes and perspectives, and I was excited to paint this when I returned.  The painting is a piece of the view.  I plan to do the wider view someday as well.

This piece of the view drew my attention as a subject.  The composition; the lines, angles, perspective, framing, balance – framed by the hotel window – was obvious.  And as land/sea/cityscapes do, it changed over the days and hours and took on different charms.  The first day was raining.  It was not until the next day I saw the orange hues against the blue sky.  Having just seen impressionists at the Albertina and lat at D’Orsay, the complimentary colors in the cool sun made was like a nod from the old masters, lol.  I could not think of a painting that used rooftops as the subject.  It was perfect for painting, and I spent much time at that window while in the room.

This piece displays only human objects, discounting the sky. There is no nature.  It evidences the presence of many people, but there are none and there is no activity to speak of (unknown).  It is tranquil at this view, but below is unknown, perhaps birds singing or cars honking.  What is below the viewer – courtyard, alleyway, street – is also unknown.  In this way it takes on the essence of land/seascapes and remains natural feeling; tranquil, despite the urban setting